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A digital collective acts like an agency except that every member is also an owner. We have the entrepreneurial spirit and our top priority is making sure that your budget is used to create the biggest impact for your company, not fulfill the niche that only a single member can provide.

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User focused Design

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Creative solutions


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Every project follows the same four phases

When a project comes to the collective, we all sit down and evaluate the company and their current assets or strategy. Then we each provide insight on how we could help the client based on expertise in 1 or 4 fields.

Design — Development — Marketing — Content creation.

You may have come with a plan to create a brand new website but as part of the consultation our marketer points out that without having a strategy on how to obtain new users a website will be a waste of money. The content expert creates a plan to shoot a cinema quality video series with you and your team and we make the website phase 2 as your audience grows on existing platforms.

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We are experts in our fields but we want to learn your industry inside and out. In this phase we take the time to learn about your business, your competitors, and what exists already in your market. We might redefine you audience, do an extensive audit of existing assets, or meet with your entire team to discover existing difficulties with an internal system.

The goal of this phase is to learn

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Every project has a different scope of what is considered the ideas phase but they all have a phase where strategy, content, and communication is fluid and always changing. In the ideas phase we share sketch, test, and stretch our creativity and imagination.

The goal of this phase is to work without boundaries

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We don't start the good copy until we have taken all of our ideas as far as they can go and are left with only the best option for our budget, timeline, skill, and value to the audience. During the execution phase we send you frequent proofs to look over but you'll mainly be looking to see if they match up with our ideas section.

The goal of this phase is to turn our ideas into reality

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Handing over the final files isn't the end of the project for us. You and your team may need to guidance on how to maintain use or replicate material we created for you. In this phase we create a plan on how our team can follow you and your project into it's post-launch era. We won't leave you wondering what the next steps are, we are your experts after all, you have us for life.

The goal of this phase is to give you confidence in your purchase

Work that is designed for the end user

We aren’t concerned with our personal biases or what our favourite colour is. We make decisions based on the needs of your target audience, because that is what really pushes you brand forward or sells your products.

Working with Taproot

Taproot works closely with their clients manage leads and sales process. They didn’t want to feel like another generic SaaS company and wanted to show off their love for nature. The story of their name is very important to them, they want to be represented as the foundation that holds together complex systems.

Laptop with a landing page designed for Taproot Digital Marketing

Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines

Landing Page

Call upon your team of super hero creatives.

Not all companies are ready to hire on a team full time, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t benefit from those same teams. When you work with Habitual, you’re getting access to a Creative Director, a Lead Developer, a Marketing Strategist, and a Professional Photographer all at once, which team member will do you need most?

The Collective members

We are all equals within the collective, there is no boss. Once a project direction has been established one of us will take the lead and the other three join in to work together, complete a project using our combined expertise in our relative fields.

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Jenish Odigski

Photography + Film

Interested in new equipment technology. Learning about the art of story telling.

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Creative + Design

Interested in design education and accessibility. Learning about Web3 and 3d.

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Nick McLean


Interested in system and process design. Learning about the benefits of technology in business.

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Reilly Porter

Digital Content + Ads

Interested in human behavior and Learning about advertising in the Metaverse

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